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Canon printer introduction

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Today, living in this contemporary era where technology plays the leading role, we all will be mindful of the fact that Canon is a well-known brand in the world of photography and printing which has lived for decades now. A trustworthy brand that everyone would choose over other brands when it comes to photography and printing in particular because of the product quality. Canon printer is a type of printer that delivers very magnificent high volume printing and also provides us with a range of choices.

It is an all-in-one inkjet printer that offers 29 different PIXMA printers. It allows us to scan, print, copy and also share photos and documents. Since the Canon is an Inkjet printer, it provides the best and most impressive colorful images and prints one could think of. One might assume that Cannon printers would be suitable only for some grand use, but it is interesting to know that these printers can be used and are operated at every home where we can unleash and unwind our imagination and create a small home office. If one is to choose among the printers, one must always look at the Cost-Benefit Analysis. Cannon is one stop for all and provides a High Volume Low-Cost factor.

Why choose Canon Printer?

Being arguably the most trusted and well-known brand in Printers and photography, Canon provides a large catalog of printers to meet the needs and imaginations of the consumers, photographers, some businesses(big/small), etc. Canon offers both color and monochrome options, inkjet, and laser printers. One may assume Canon printers to be of big-budget but surprisingly it offers a large selection of budget options. One can find exactly what one needs with ease at one stop. Hence, Canon printers are mostly our go-to option for every kind of business-be it photography on a minor scale or a professional one.

What are the various Canon Printers:

The range of choices for Canon printers varies from home, home offices, professional photography, to monochrome printing and the like. They range from consumer-level to big enterprises at the commercial level.

Here are some range of Canon printers considered efficient in using;

PIXMA – used at a consumer level for personal use

PIXMA PRO- used at a professional level(inkjet printer)

MAXIFY- high yield inkjet printers for home office or small office

ImageCLASS-laser printers for home as well as office.

Canon PIXMA MG8120 is one of the latest and innovative printing canon which is designed beautifully with some superior quality and amazing features. Having a sleek appearance and ultra-responsive touch panel makes everyone fall in love with it. Apart from the physical appearance and features, these printers are well-liked due to their superior quality and flexibility and have in-built Wi-Fi which allows us to print from other compatible devices such as iPhone, Android devices, iPad, etc making them even more convenient to use. This printer also comes with a high-resolution scanner which makes the documents look very impressive. The superior quality features of this printer make it very expensive but the price is worth paying.

How is the Canon brand different from other brands:

Canon is arguably considered the best for photo printing apart from scanning and sharing documents as compared to the other brands available in the market. The ink-jet printers of Canon printers are advanced with some better color page yield that makes them more cost-effective in producing high-quality photos. Also, the Canon printer is fantastic in terms of scanning documents.

As compared to other brands, Canon provides :

  • good photo printing quality
  • higher color page yield
  • affordable options for different purposes
  • all-in-one printer

What are the disadvantages of the Canon printer?

Despite being the topmost brand, there are also some disadvantages of using Canon printers. The photos printed out, although look satisfactory but we can see a lot of grain. Apart from this, the printer does not support borderless photos. The printing speed for the documents is quite decent, however, it is not as fast as other options available. The cartridge prices for Canon printers are relatively expensive than the other brands. Canon printer’s absorption is not good and hence tends to waste ink. They do not give quality results on non-branded paper. The printing cost is also very high as compared to the other brands available.

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